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GCB. Good Christian Boys?

I found it funny the other day when I read an article someone wrote about the new ABC series GCB.  They were so upset by the way the media portrayed Christianity and southern Christian women.  They were appalled out how these “Christian Leaders” were made out to be just power hungry, position loving, egotistical, megalomaniacs.  They couldn’t believe that someone would showcase people claiming to be Christians as people who only wrapped themselves in their faith when it suited their social and political aspirations but didn’t live out those same ideals when given the opportunity to actually display their faith in a real sacrificial way.  What I found the funniest about all of this was that these women actually do exist in the real world.  I have recently dealt with the real life version of these characters.  Oh they aren’t women as the TV would have you believe.  Nope, they are grown men and sit on a school board.

I have been kept up at night burdened with the fact that there are 4 men on the school board of the district I was forced out of who all go to church together.  In fact two of the men on the board never had to run for election.  They were just placed on the board by their fellow “Christian” brothers when a seat was open.  These men who like to appear in public as faithful, loving husbands who are Good Christian Boys, GCBs, like to point out their faith and what servants they are whenever they need the PR boost or they are running for elections.

Now I will tell you this, I am not someone who pretends to know a person’s intimate and personal relationship with God.  I believe that is something purely between the individual and God.  But what I will tell you is that you can gauge a man’s true faith by the way he lives his life and the fruit that is produced from his or her relationship with God.  You know the sincerity of ones faith when they are willing to sacrifice what’s good for themselves to do the “right thing” in the eyes of God.  I can’t say that I don’t believe these men on the Kennedale ISD school board aren’t the faithful Christians they claim to be.  But what I will point out is that there are some of the most glaring discrepancies between what they claim and how they have chosen to behave in their leadership roles within Kennedale.

I have witnessed and been a victim of the hypocrisy of the members of the board.  I sat in a meeting several years ago where an administrator proposed the ending of the Gifted and Talented program and the English as a Second Language program for the entire district.  Now you might want to note that this discussion in front of the board and in a public setting only took place after the board had already met in a closed session that wasn’t advertised to the people it impacted and the board had already agreed to dismiss the programs as requested by this administrator.  What??? You mean these public servants didn’t bother to involve or even bring this matter before the public that it effected?  Yep, apparently they forgot that they were voted in by this same community to represent their voice and maintain a check on the administration to keep it from going off on its own without public input.

When the community of parents rose up in anger about not having been consulted about the issue, I watched as these men of God sat on the stage at the High School auditorium and talked down to the parents who were angered by what was taking place.  I saw men who lashed out at parents for daring to question the decisions of the board.  I actually remember Joe Taylor saying to the parents at one point that “it was his job to make decisions for what was best for their children” in regards to their education.  Apparently, he didn’t feel the parents would know what their children needed as part of their educational process.

What I witnessed that night was a group of people that were in love with their position and power.  A Christian leader would have never lashed out in anger the way these men behaved.  They scolded the parents for being upset.  How dare they be angry about secret meetings and the eliminations of programs that their children were thriving in.  A parent ran for school board that year because she was disgusted how an elected official would behave and treat the constituents that placed them in office.  What did these men of God do during the campaign?  They used their “Christianity” as a weapon of mass destruction.  A letter was sent out.  Within the letter, by word of mouth, by email, and any other means of communication they touted the virtues and “Godliness” of Mike Walker and trashed his opponent as a godless infidel.  She wasn’t a Christian in their books or eyes and so they used that as their main complaint against her.  I could understand this if she were trying to get the job of a pastor in their church, but a particular faith is not required to be a school board member.  As a Christian, I find what was done by these men to be disgusting.  Whether she was a Christian or not should not have been the issue.  To use that as a political trick cheapens our faith.  Christianity is a choice, a personal choice.  To use it to try and equate someone as evil and dangerous as some kind of criminal unfit for a school board position is not in keeping true to what Jesus taught or how a person is expected to behave based on His teachings.  This is the type of behavior you expect from extreme Islamic terrorist sects, where anyone who isn’t the same should be forced to convert or be killed as an infidel.  Hmmm, I’ve seen those passages in the Koran but haven’t quite found them in the Bible yet.  Mr. Taylor and Mr. Walker must have a different version of the Bible than I read if they find this type of behavior condoned as part of being a good Christian or taught in any of the many teaching of Jesus Christ.

Enough of what they have done to others.  Let me give you a quick idea of their hypocrisy in my life.  As I will eventually document here in the coming month, you will see just how deep, or shallow. their faith is when given the chance to do “the right thing” in regards to what the district did to me.  What I will tell you is that I know and have proof that they lied to the parents of the community.  When many reached out to them about what the school administration was trying to do to me, I know of at least one board member who expressed that they had no idea what was going on.  Funny that while this email was being sent out the minutes of the December meeting were waiting to reveal that in a closed session they spent more than 40 minutes talking just about what was happening to me.  Now, I will concede the fact that it is possible that Gary Dugger did not tell them the whole truth in what was being perpetrated against me, but I find it hard to believe that they didn’t ask the school’s attorney the questions that should have been asked.  I do know that he advised them there was no grounds to terminate me or my contract.  So that should have signaled to them that something here was fishy.  The case for what the district was trying to use to force my resignation was presented by my sister and several others to them during the meeting and disproven resoundingly.  The glaring omissions of how the district had handled the accusations and that there was nothing really worth the treatment I was receiving was brought up.  The fact that if they believed I had done something wrong or heinous but yet the district failed to alert any proper authorities or agencies, which is required by law if they truly believed some wrong had been done or even a hint there might be the chance, was mentioned repeatedly.  Mind you, if they had alerted the authorities and the truth had come out that knew there was not a case, but rather a personal agenda against me, the district would have been looking at not just a lawsuit but having committed a felony offense.  Funny how they didn’t do any of that, but still the board turned a blind eye and continued to allow the district to inflict its sustained threats, bullying, and intimidation.  They didn’t just allow it.  These good “Christians” joined in on the fun.  They had their attorney fire off a letter the next day demanding I accept a resignation deal or face the next step in their process.

I fail to see any real leadership involved here.  I definitely fail to see signs of Christianity here.  Several of the members sat and seemed to listen to the people, while the recording I have seen clearly shows some of these GCBs were too busy playing on their computers or not really paying attention to accurately know what was really the truth here.  I would almost swear it was as though they already knew what was going on or had already been apprised of what the administration really wanted for this situation.  Granted that is just my opinion and I could be completely wrong.  But these “leaders” have shown such a lack of ethics in the past and in this very situation that it isn’t that hard to believe that they would have already been on board with the atrocities being waged against me.  Just because them talking about it before hand or in secret is a violation of the open meeting act doesn’t mean they couldn’t do it or wouldn’t do it.  Again, not saying they did, but in my opinion I wouldn’t put it past these upstanding good Christian men after everything else they have put me through.  Oh, one last example for you on their great Christian behavior.  The exact day that they were requiring me to sign their resignation deal, to which I refused, one of these great Christian men showed up to my sisters business.  She didn’t know who he was until a few days later when she saw a picture of him on the district website, but he was very aware of who she was.  His behavior was so strange, intimidating and odd that a client in my sisters office would not let my sisters business partner treat her and leave my sister alone with him.  They were both unnerved by his behavior so much that the business partner stayed up near the front of the office to make sure Amber was ok.  So you have to ask yourself, why did Scott Roland come to my sister’s business.  When confronted about how unethical it was with everything that the district was doing to me, he admitted he knew who Amber was but claimed he had no idea what was going on with me and the administration.  It “hadn’t reached the school board level yet” he remarked.  Funny, that was in January and the minutes for the December 15th meeting clearly states I was the only topic discussed in their closed meeting.  I guess he wasn’t listening.  The district attorney had passed on the statement that the School board blamed Amber for the parents rallying behind me at the December meeting and that they were very angry about it.  Don’t you find it just a bit interesting that we are told that.  Pretty much warned, or some might say threatened, with this statement and then a school board member shows up at her place of business, which isn’t in Kennedale, just out of the blue.  They can claim whatever motive they want for the little visit, but I can tell you that it left the impression of intimidation on myself and my family.

But don’t worry I am sure a good Christian boy would never do something like that.  I mean look at their track record.  They gave teacher raises, they added computers, they named a ball field after some coaches.  What beautiful window dressings they have put on this district.  Just ignore them allowing teachers to feel threatened in their jobs, the lowest morale for the campuses in decades, allowing an assistant superintendent to run a privately owned daycare out of the district buildings and making money off of it, allowing Gary Dugger to hire his daughter to work in the administration building, and countless other examples of their leadership in real action.  Christianity is not represented when a position of power is so important you are willing to do and say the things these “Good Christian Boys” have done.  They need to reevaluate their motives for seeking and holding on to these positions.  Is it because God called them to lead or because they feel the need to create their own little kingdoms?  Are they attempting to be wise leaders and stewards such as King Solomon, or are they the selfish, self righteous, and lovers of power like King Nebuchadnezzar?  Are they leading by seeking God’s heart like David, or are they willing to destroy anyone or anything that would take the position they love such as King Saul?

I don’t know what their true faith or real relationship with God might be.  But what I will tell you is that based on their actions, their attitudes, and the desperation to hold onto the status quo of the kingdom they have built for themselves, these GCBs are less “men of God” and more wanting to be “gods of men”.  So I guess with men like that running around in the real world today I feel like Hollywood almost got their new TV show right in some ways.  They just made it a bunch of women instead of a school board’s Good Christian Boys.


Am I that guy?

I’ve recently been through the worst period of time in my life.  I’ve always hoped that I was capable of greatness and this is the type of moment that great people experience.  The greatest among us have overcome great set backs and obstacles along their path to greatness.  The lowest points are the split in the road that directs them onto the right path and builds that ever elusive character they all have in common.  I want to think I am capable of being that guy.  The one who uses tragedy to fuel their rise to the top and be that gleaming example of courage and overcoming to others.  I just don’t really know if I am that guy.  Is a choice?  Do you get to choose to be that guy?  Or is it that you were always that guy and that character was already deep within you and tragedy cuts away the walls we build around ourselves until that character shines through?

Having a background in psychology and helping people I know that getting everything out that has happened to you can help a person move on.  I won’t lie, I am struggling with the bitterness left over from what happened with the school district I worked for.  It is one thing to know that eventually God will hold them accountable for what they have done, but so hard to sit back and see them still prosper while my family and I have suffered.  They should have to be ashamed of their actions instead of getting to continue their reign of terror that they inflict on everyone around them.  I think what they have done in its entirety should also be made public since they went to great lengths to bully and intimidate me and my family through the process.  Once I gather my thoughts I will write down what happened and chronicle the depths of their illicit behavior.  One reason is because until I truly get my opinion out on what has happened and explain what forced me into my resignation I don’t know if I will ever really move on.  Secondly I do want people to know what transpired against me because these people should not be able to get away with their misdeeds without having to face the truth of what they have done.

They hide their lies and actions in the dark and fear the truth because once light is shown on their deeds people will see them for the selfish, power abusing, liars they are.  I know the words are harsh but that is my raw emotions and opinions after pouring my heart into a job and having it ripped away from me solely because I stood up against the administration and pointed out that “the Emperor/Empress had no clothes.”  They have taken my job, tried to ruin my reputation, and hurt my family in unimaginable ways.  There is nothing more they can do except be forced to face the truths of their actions and what their selfish misuse of power has done.  Do I expect them to feel guilty?  Of course not.  People who are capable of doing what these people did do not feel remorse for their actions.  They justify what they do.  As long as they get what they want, then anything they do is acceptable.  A friend of mine was concerned when I shared that I thought about putting down what has happened to me for others to read.  He worried the district and administrators would sue.  I have to admit that I laughed a little at that.  What will they get out of me?  I have no job, no home, no money, nothing.  They left me with nothing after their actions.  Plus pointing out that people have done unethical things and calling them out for being the types of human beings they are isn’t slanderous.  It is both a combination of my opinion of them and the facts based on their behaviors.  I find it funny that people who attack and destroy others have such thin skins.  If you are going to try and ruin someones life at least have thick enough skin to take the judgement and ridicule for being the bad person you are!  But I digress.  I figure the next few days I will chronicle the events that have happened so that the public can see just who is running the school district and see the truth behind the inaction of a school board whose purpose it is to hold the administration accountable for their actions.  This whole incident was a mixture of many failures.  First the original lie from Viola McLaughlin was an act of sheer jealousy about an outside incident with friends of mine.  Second was the selfish, political, kingdom building, and the hate for anyone to stand up for what is right when it goes against them that the administration displayed.  The final act was the complete and utter abdication of leadership perpetrated by the inaction of an unethical school board.

As this round of school board elections begins the public should see these so called “Christian men and women” not on how they claim to be but based on who they are as seen through their actions.  They pat themselves on the back for raises given to the teachers but aren’t made to face the culture of fear, retaliation, and uncertainty their rubber stamp of the administration’s actions has caused.  They aren’t called out on their lack of oversight and the accountability they are supposed to hold the administration to.  All parties involved should have to face the light of truth for this incident.  Some may accuse me of being bitter and jaded over the incident and I will admit that I am pissed at what happened to me and that I was unable to see justice done.  But I will also say that just because it paints them in a negative light doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  People who have done evil deeds for evil selfish reasons can try to blame others for how they look in the retelling of the situation, but they only have themselves to blame.  And unfortunately there is a lot of ugly to go around with these people based on the darkness in their souls and the blood on their hands from this incident and others that they have done in the past to others as well.

All that to say in the next few days I will put out there exactly the truth that needs to be known.  So am I that guy who rises above?  I don’t know, but I do know that I have spent my life doing everything I can to stand up for the faith and ideals instilled in my by my parents and I believe exposing this incident and standing up for what happened is the right thing to do.  So even if I am not that guy, I am not going to change who I am because these people have tried to ruin me.  If evil people hate me for the man I am and the standing up for the things I have spoken out for, then I am on the right track.  They wouldn’t hate and try to destroy unless my example and character was in stark contrast to the selfish evils they spread daily.