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Sins of the Father

I know there were many of you (mostly the Kennedale Administration, school board members, school board member’s spouses, and those they need to suck at the teat of power for social standing in the community) hoping I had retreated from the fray, but I am more than happy to disappoint you on that one.  Despite the continued onslaught of lies, twisting of the facts, and outright attacks on myself and my family, we will not shrink away to the bullying and retaliation these people use.  It is sad that those in charge of teaching children the right way to do things do not exemplify those lessons.  Do as I say and not as I do seems to be the more appropriate style they live because it’s obviously not teaching by example.  They distort the facts and truth and attack anyone who disagrees or speaks out (as seen in how they behave every time someone runs against them in a school board election) and then seem so dumbfounded when it bleeds over into the children’s behaviors and attitudes.  They quickly call for civility and say their behavior is only in the nature of politics or protecting the future (the future they want) for the district.  But enough of their hypocrisy for today!

Let’s instead talk about how yet another administrator’s child works directly under them in the district with the full knowledge and support of the, asleep at the wheel, school board.  Today we wade into the very deep pile of questionable mess that allowed Gary Dugger, Superintendent, to hire his own daughter in spite of well established nepotism policies.  I will admit from the beginning of this that I personally don’t take pleasure in today’s topic because Stephanie Devlin (Stephanie Dugger before her marriage) is a genuinely kind and caring person.  It is a shame that she did not choose to work in a district where her employment wasn’t such a questionable situation or where her father’s position called into question the legitimacy of her hiring.  This isn’t a personal attack against the person of Stephanie Devlin (Dugger), but an expose on the nature of how, once again, leaders within this district bypassed or worked in the “gray” areas of policies to benefit themselves and their family members.  I feel this speaks more to the behavior of Gary Dugger, the school board members, and Karen Furman than it does to Stephanie herself.

With that out of the way let’s get a few more housekeeping issues out of the way as well.  I will start with the main argument that is inevitably used when trying to justify this administrations bypass of nepotism policies.  They will argue that despite the fact that the Superintendent is the sole source of choosing the people within the district to RECOMMEND to the school board for hiring, the school board themselves is the actual entity that hires the employees for the district and that therefore insulates people such as Gary Dugger from being responsible or in violation of nepotism when hiring his own daughter.  A second issue we can establish also is the fact that they will also say that a policy that was established allowing anyone who was in “continuous employment” before 2008 is allowed to remain in their positions within the district since the more strict nepotism policy went into effect in 2008.  This is a kind of grandfather clause allowing the family member to stay as long as they were in their position before 2008.  They would argue with me that both of these issues make the hiring and keeping of Stephanie Devlin (Dugger) completely above board.  Well, though these legal loopholes might exist, there are still a few questionable activities that just don’t smell right when put to the test.  In the thinnest allowances of the law they can justify their actions, but when you really look at how much tap dancing is required to make this allowance you begin to wonder just what the motives of the Kennedale leadership really is.  Should the district be working so hard to justify hiring someone or should they focus on hiring people that won’t raise questions or possibly cross ethical bounds?  The motivation for hiring a person should be to get the best possible person into the position to allow the district to provide the best resources for families, staff, and students, not finding legal ways of hiring family members.

I would like to tackle the first premise that is usually used to justify the hiring of family members in the district as employees.  The fact that none of the school board members are personally related to Stephanie Devlin (Dugger) does not exempt the issue from the scrutiny of legitimacy.  Though the school board members are the final say in the hiring of personnel for the district, it is unethical for a direct family member to be working in a position that answers to their relative.  Though Stephanie Devlin (Dugger) immediately answers to Karen Furman, she is ultimately under the direct control and direction of her own father Gary Dugger as the Superintendent.  There isn’t anyone within the district that doesn’t have to directly answer to the superintendent.  This places her own father in a position to make decisions that will affect both her position and financial interests.  Secondly to this topic, I would like to point out that it is required by policy that all hiring by the board comes from the direct recommendation of the Superintendent.  Since there is no sign in any of the school board minutes that shows Gary Dugger recused himself from his required role of recommending his daughter to the board for hiring, he took an active role in her hiring.  Though that might not reach the level of being illegal, it certainly is questionable if not unethical.  When her current position’s contract comes up for renewal there is no indication that he has ever recused himself from the process of recommending her for renewal to the board either.  That means each and every year that she has been a contract employee he has made an administrative decision to recommend her to the board.  This places him in being directly interested and with the ability to affect the financial interests of his own daughter.  This raises all kinds of ethical questions when looked at.  As an end to why this is also questionable as far as the school board being the sole source of hiring, is the question of hourly employees.  You see, it is the job of the Superintendent to hire the hourly employees.  Those types of decisions are not made by board members.  Based on the paperwork I have (which I will be providing readers with the ability to look at themselves) it is hard to tell whether or not Stephanie Devlin (Dugger) was hired originally as an hourly employee.  It appears based on how the new hire documents are filled out, that Stephanie Devlin (Dugger) was originally an hourly employee.  Her first real job within the administration of Kennedale ISD was as an assistant for Karen Furman.  There is no indication that this was a contract position.  Of course the district couldn’t find a copy of the job posting or provide any information as to when this newly created job was posted.  Their official response was that they weren’t required to keep that type of information from that far in the past. (2007 is so long ago).  If in fact her original job as a “Special Programs Assistant” was an hourly position, then she was directly hired by her father.  That is all kinds of crazy, especially when you take into account that they couldn’t come up with any documentation showing the position was ever posted for any non-family members to apply for.

Now I would like to address the whole “Continuous employment” argument they want to make to justify her hiring.  You see even if Stephanie Devlin’s (Dugger) hiring in 2007 was legally done, how she was made the District Interventionist Counselor raises all kinds of red flags.  As I understand the nepotism policies that are posted in the school board policies and required for all government type of jobs, you can’t hire family.  You can’t hire family and you can’t have family members in direct control of their relative’s position (whether financially or managerially).  Next the policy does have the loophole that if a person who would be considered in violation of nepotism, but was already employed prior to 2008 they could continue their working in that same position.  The problem is that any new position they were hired for after that would have to comply with the new standard of the nepotism policy in effect after 2008.  The issue here is that she is no longer still in the same position she was hired for before the 2008 nepotism policy and its grandfather clause.  She was made the District Interventionist Counselor on June 23, 2008.  Instead of subjecting her to a new hiring position that she most likely wouldn’t have been able to get because of the nepotism policy, you can see from the memo from June 23, 2008, from Karen Furman to Gary Dugger, that they just changed the title of the job she was currently working for the district in.  In that memo you will see that Karen makes several eyebrow raising statements.  First she states that this is a position that is needed within the district “Full time”.  This sounds like it was a brand new position that needed to be filled to help offer resources to the students and community.  It is obvious also that this position was never posted for interview by anyone else either.  Since the district could not provide any proof or paperwork that shows the posting or when it was made public for anyone else to apply for it.  Again they used the statement that they weren’t required to maintain that information.  Since all they did was change one job positions title into the other one it is safe to assume that this position was never advertised or interviewed by anyone else.  It is also obvious that it was never presented to the school board as a hiring since it was just given to Stephanie by her “title change”.  The next terrible thing you will notice that Karen states is that the title change will reflect the work that Stephanie has already been doing for the district.  Since she didn’t pass her LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) testing until May of 2008, she could not have been doing much counseling if any in the last month of the school year.  If she were performing duties that required an LPC before then while she was labeled just a special program assistant, she was not qualified to be in charge of directing counseling services or providing them before receiving her actual license.  The last thing this memo should make you question is how was such an important decision about a position needed by the district was allowed to be arbitrarily decided by the father of the girl being given the “title change”.  This was obviously going to be a huge jump in pay and it was a contract position.  This “title change”, new position, or any other information about the situation was never presented to the school board.  This went from a simple assistant’s position to a district department position with the stroke of a pen.  And the pen was held by the father of the person being given such a new and important position within the district.

Stephanie Devlin (Dugger) was on a counseling Intern license from 2008 until 2010 based on the documentation provided by the district.  The question that needs to be raised is this, why would you choose to hire someone for a position that was so important to the district that had no experience and was not even a fully licensed counselor.  This is a position that is in charge and control of all the major areas of the district’s counseling services.  They are in effect the coordinator for all counseling services provided to the students and parents in Kennedale.  Instead of publicly interviewing for an experienced and fully licensed counselor, Karen Furman chose to just make a “title change” so that Gary Dugger’s daughter could fill the shoes of this much more lucrative position within the administration.  Was this quid pro quo?  Since Gary Dugger signed off on Karen Furman paying her son as a vendor for translation services from 2005-2009, is that why Karen allowed Stephanie Devlin (Dugger) to work as her assistant and then change her title to allow her to become the District Interventionist Counselor?  This situation could easily be interpreted that way.  It is obvious that instead of interviewing and hiring her straight out for the new position they chose a much more questionable and possibly unethical route of the “title change” to circumvent the nepotism policies on the books.

Just because they can find a twisted way around the rules doesn’t make the actions ethical or in the best interest of the district.  What might be seen here is a pattern of decision making within the administration that benefits themselves and their families, but doesn’t seem to uphold the clearest, most transparent, and ethical processes that should be expected of the leadership in a school district.  For their part, the school board has never questioned the hiring of Gary Dugger’s daughter under him within the administration.  There is nothing on the minutes from the last 4 years of school board meetings that shows anyone even raised the issue and whether or not it was in the best interest of the district to take part in a hiring process that raises questions about favoritism, nepotism, and unethical practices.  The saddest aspect in all this is that no matter how wonderful a person Stephanie Devlin (Dugger) is, she will always be the superintendent’s daughter and the cloud of ethical and legal questioning about her “title change” will always be attached to her for it.  She deserves a position in a district where she earned the position on the merits of her work and not on the position of her father.  Kennedale deserves an administration and school board that follows its own policies and the policies of the state of Texas where there is no hint of questionable legal maneuvering or tap dancing.  The community deserves leadership with clean hands where the question of friends and family being rewarded isn’t able to even be asked.

The documentation on Stephanie Devlin (Dugger) came in two different requests so some of the documents may be repeated in the two different packets of information.

Packet 1 click HERE

Packet 2 Click HERE


A Kingdom built on intimidation

I know there is usually a longer time in between my posts so don’t get used to the idea that you will be getting a new one every couple of days.  My earlier blog originally contained today’s work but I was advised that it would be to long and people wouldn’t read through to the end.  I didn’t want you to miss out on the chance to see some of the basic foundations that make up the character of the man running the district and the environment he has created.  I know again it isn’t the most scandalous of issues within the district (we will get to those too, I promise).

Our order of business today deals with King Dugger, also known as Gary Dugger, the superintendent of the district.  I will admit to you that unlike Dr. Mike Walker, the president of the school board, I do not have a law degree from an online university.  Not having that online law degree, I can’t personally tell you whether or not this particular action of His Highness is considered illegal.  I will tell you that I found it to be troubling in the least and severely unethical in the highest aspects.  During the opening convocation back when Rick Perry was running for Governor again in 2010 Gary Dugger made a statement to the entire gathered community of educators.  He declared that we “needed to vote all the Republicans out of office” in November.  I am not sure if that is illegal for him to say.  It wasn’t a joke or opinion.  It wasn’t a question or even just a statement.  It was a command, because he had just stated the poor state of education and the budget issues in Texas.  I know that it crossed the line because the following year, this last year’s convocation he made a statement in which he said, “Dr. Walker has made me promise to not make any political declarations this year.”

It shouldn’t matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Unconcerned as to who he was declaring for the staff to remove from office.  What should concern everyone is that fact that it was said at all.  This creates quite a hostile type environment when the leader of a place as big as this district makes such a statement.  Those who would disagree would begin to feel uncomfortable or even threatened solely on their own political views.  It creates almost an underground society where fear that you will be judged or looked down upon because of a differing opinion.  It creates a kingdom of intimidation.  One man’s opinion, view, or politics reigns supreme because he holds your job and your future in his hands.  I can tell you from personal experience and from testimony of others that Gary Dugger can be a vindictive man if he feels you have crossed him or not agreed with him.  He is a bully.

I find it funny that a Superintendent is such an intimidating, bullying man when we are living in an age where people are adamantly fighting to get bullying out of our schools.  During various convocations he has exerted this exact image and demeanor.  During one year when there was much grumbling and unhappiness among teachers (because of the environment of fear and intimidation was prevalent throughout the district) he reminded all of us that for only 1 position at an elementary school (a kindergarten teacher if I remember correctly) the district had over 2,000 applicants to apply.  This was a clear shot to the concept that if you won’t do as we say or like what we do, teachers are a dime a dozen and you can be replaced.  During the disagreement over the removal of the G/T program and the complete and utter destruction of the ESL program we were advised not to pick a side or speak out.  Of course those things were never emailed or officially stated because that would be illegal.  Those things were passed on from one to another in the great waring against “rocking the boat.”  We were to play the “game” as older teachers advised because of the understood threat of the consequences for disagreeing with His Majesty Dugger and Her Highness Furman.

It’s not by coincidence that the moral and job satisfaction for teachers who have been in the district longer than 5 or 6 years continues to drop.  People who loved this district and loved the family feeling they got from working in Kennedale routinely whisper of how it’s changed.  They talk about the dictatorship and fear of losing their jobs for any little reason so that the administration can just replace them with a “yes” man robot who will do their bidding without question.  Some of the greatest teachers are hunkering down and losing the style and personalities in the classroom that translated into success for their students and instead are just counting the days until retirement.  They are hoping not to offend the wrong administration royalty or their stoolie and be forced out of their job before they can afford to.

Under Gary Dugger’s leadership and Karen Furman’s tyranny this small town, family oriented district has become WW II occupied France.  Disagreement isn’t allowed.  Fear of executions (firing) abounds and a gray sense of hopelessness has descended upon each campus.  Dissatisfaction is only whispered about among others you know you can trust not to rat you out to the “Thought Police.”  Conform or die has taken over from the innovation and out of the box teaching that moved this district from just an acceptable place to it’s recognized status.  That effort wasn’t because of the latest boxed program Karen bought at a conference because Highland Park uses it.  It wasn’t because of a pay raise offered by the school board in its perpetual cycle of abusive boyfriend behavior.  This innovation came because teachers created programs and teaching styles to fill in the gaps and the needs of the students.  Thinking outside the box and questioning why things are done a certain way and then changing them to meet the current need of Kennedale’s  students (not whoever created Karen’s latest conference program buying spree) is what got the district’s ratings up.

For the last two years Gary Dugger has stood before the staff and demanded that Kennedale will be Exemplary.  His tone, the manner in which he presents this statement every year isn’t an encouragement.  It is a threat.  The only word he leaves out of his statement to finish it properly based on his attitude and tone are the words “or else”.  Pretty harsh environment to work in when you aren’t allowed to work outside the lines of the programs forced down the districts throat by Karen’s fascist leadership.

I will finish up my current examples of how a culture and environment of bullying and intimidation has crept into this district through Gary Dugger and Karen Furman’s leadership by showing you how one of the most promising administrators himself has been changed.  When Rick Edwards first moved into the administration from being the principal at Kennedale High School he was one of the most encouraging and positive people in a leadership role in this district.  He was understanding and accepting.  He identified with the teacher’s needs and struggles because it wasn’t that long ago he was on the front lines with them doing the battles everyday to help the students succeed.  Most felt he was on a clear and direct path into being the next superintendent for Kennedale ISD.  I can tell you that the character of the man he was when he first entered that administration office would have made him, probably, the greatest leader to move Kennedale into the future while still holding onto all the great small town things that made Kennedale an ideal place to live and work.

Rick isn’t that man anymore.  After being shunted off into just being the paperwork administrator when Karen gobbled up every program, grade level, and anything else to do with actual running of the district (except of course the toilets, we already discussed Biondi’s area was beneath her interest); Rick changed.  It was probably out of the simple necessity to survive in the now hostile administration environment he found himself in, but he changed none the less.  His smile went from being honestly concerned and genuine to a forced painted on facade.  His character went from inviting to calloused and harsh.  Maybe he began to believe the hype up among the ruling class.  Maybe he began to think of himself as above or better than the rest.  I know he declared his time too precious and valuable when confronted by disagreeing opinions in a Kennedale foundation meeting this last school year.  How funny that his time (that he was getting paid for anyway) was more important and valuable than the VOLUNTEERS who are on the foundation board.  Guess he drank the Kool-aide with the rest of them.  He has adopted the arrogant, overly self important, hostile attitude the rest of them have.  It is the saddest out of all the things to come from the kingdom of intimidation created by Their Highnesses Dugger and Furman.

The biggest tragedy of all, though, is the fact that this happened at all.  You see it isn’t like there wasn’t a way to fix it before it got this bad.  The school board members have been told on more than one occasion just from myself of the treatment and environment that exists in Kennedale (and I know others have expressed it too).  They are the Checks and Balance to the administration.  Instead of changing the environment through oversight of the harsh retaliations and atmospheres of fear spread by the bullying, they have checked out (unless there is a personal aspect for them in it [Cheerleadergate 2011 for instance]).  They act as though they are subservient to the district’s administration when in fact they are above them in the chain of command.  The administrators work for the school board who was voted in to represent the public.  Until the school board decides to hold Gary Dugger, Karen Furman, Rick Edwards, Mark Biondi, and all those who work with them accountable there will not be positive change.  The board again uses the abusive boyfriend relationship model of behavior.  They allow the staff and workers to be abused and then clear the conscience by offering a pay raise at the beginning of the next year.  I can only assume they are hoping the teachers and staff will forget the abuse they have been dealing with while the board turned a blind eye.  They pat themselves on the back by saying “See we treat our people well.  They are better paid than others around them.”  The entire time ignoring the glaring kingdom of intimidation that has taken root under their noses.

Inappropriate Leadership

Welcome Back, and to those of you who are joining us for the first time I say, just “welcome to the party.”  I had hoped after giving a little bit of time for common sense to set in that the Kennedale ISD and school board would finally choose to do the right thing by myself and my family and I would not have to escalate to the point of beginning the process of exposing their actions and dirty little secrets.  As I predicted in my earlier post they have chosen to cut off their nose to spite their face.  This was never the way I wanted to deal with this, but now I am left with no other option.  I will begin today with the actions by a leader within the district that isn’t as big a deal to some, but I want you to see the ground work that it lays out.  Today’s revelations aren’t too big on the scandalous scale but they show just how deep this “culture of corruption”, goes, to use a recent political saying.

Our first example of horrible and inappropriate leadership will deal with one of the women that began the whole charade against me.  I have already shown that Myra Rickard was a willing and complicit co-conspirator in the districts retaliation and railroading me on bogus accusations, but for the good of those who just joined us I will give a quick summary of my opinion of why she acted the way she did.  You see, Myra has always wanted to be on the “In” crowd.  She has her group of girl friends from school back in the 60s that are just the best of the besties and she fought hard to be in that group.  She didn’t get in on her brains like Wanda Hibbits or her looks like Rhonda Barnes, but she was one of them anyway.  She enjoyed that idea of being in the “elite” group within the community.  The “It” girls.  Well, Karen Furman had been creating her own little coalition of “It” girls ever since she clawed her way into her throne of power within the administration building.  She has thrown promotions to several of her “friends” (Jan Cleere who was elevated to “District testing coordinator” was not only her next door neighbor when teaching but is also her 50/50 business partner in the daycare, IZONE, run out of the districts own buildings for personal profit).  Karen has created her own little bubble of girl power.  You will notice that she has not hired a single man into any of the principal positions that have come up during her tenure as the all powerful person in charge of everything, except of course the paperwork (Rick Edwards was sidelined as the presumptive next superintendent into that black hole of a position the minute Karen set her sights on being the successor to King Dugger) and the toilets (Mark Biondi is more than happy to just get the super high paycheck while doing as little real work as possible, while his old college roommate is still King of the district).

You see, Myra saw how Karen ruled this district with the micromanaging, heavy handed, self interested, iron fist that would have made Hitler and Mussolini turn green with envy.  Myra also noticed that she was not a part of the inner circle of girl power rising up within this district.  Being the good Baptist and clique member that she is, Myra felt the innate desire to be within the circle of power too.  This is where her slobbering love affair with gaining Karen’s approval began.  She needed it, whether for job security (we all know what happens when you oppose the Empress of KISD, just look at what they did to me) or a desire for more power.  Myra in my opinion really and truly thought that once Karen ran Danny Greenfield off she would be right in line for his job and the nice bump in pay for when she was ready to retire.  Getting rid of me has been a pretty obvious goal of Karen’s since I ruffled her feathers by exposing her G/T program not meeting state requirements back around 2007.  What better way to solidify her standing and get in the good graces of Karen than to serve me up on a platter.  Apparently Myra wasn’t concerned that the platter involved lies and distortions from a mentally unstable, jealous liar who has a history of accusing people of things and spreading lies.  She ratcheted up the issue anyway.  You’ll notice that Myra put in her notice of retirement right when she got back from Christmas break.  Bet you can’t imagine why.  Oh I am sure she will say it is because her husband has been ill or almost died and she needed to spend more time with him.  I will tell you what the truth probably is.  I didn’t just walk away quietly.  Karen Furman and Gary Dugger weren’t able to bully and threaten my into disappearing without exposing to the public what was going on (not that they didn’t try).  So in the end someone was going to have to answer for it.  Someone if everything really hit the fan and the media or the public rose up demanding a head roll for this egregious over reach and abuse of power was going to have to be the sacrificial lamb.  Neither Karen nor Dugger would be that lamb.  It would fall on the lowest man on the totem pole.  You guessed it, Myra would be the one voted off the island.  In her attempt to gain favor all she did was leave herself open to being the sacrifice when it all didn’t go as planned.  She saw the writing on the wall and cut her losses.  I can tell you she has repeatedly stated she wasn’t leaving until Danny left.  You’ll notice he’s still there.  So that only leaves you to assume she left earlier than she wanted.  But enough about the history of why Myra Rickard chose her ambition over doing the right thing and my family that she has known for over 50 years.

Let’s instead talk about how she has repeatedly broken the law over the last few years!  I bet that sentence grabbed your attention.  I can personally say that I have witnessed several times when Myra’s actions did not follow with the laws and policies of the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  One of the reasons she may have soured on her view of me over the years, besides rubbing her power crush Karen the wrong way, is the fact that I pointed out when I felt things weren’t right for our students.  The TEA, several years ago, placed requirements on how much time 6th grade students spent in P.E.  Based on the law each 6th grader is required around 30 minutes of P.E. every day.  They are not allowed to count any kind of recess or activity like that as part of their P.E. time.  As the vice principal of a school it is her job to be aware of these types of requirements and make sure any action she takes is within these laws.  No matter how many things are on your plate or all that is required of you, she chose the position and the pay increase and therefor must meet the responsibilities of the job.  I can personally and confidently state that with at least 2 of my former students, Myra Rickard placed them in tutoring during their P.E. times because they failed their benchmark testing.  I can say that because on both of those occasions I had to go to her and point out these students had complained to me that they weren’t getting to go to PE anymore.  The question that should then pop into your mind should be “how many 6th grade students weren’t getting their required PE time and no one noticed because the kids didn’t complain about it?”.  The next question you should ask yourself is “If she was willing to ignore the laws on this matter what other laws did she ignore or over look during her tenure as vice principal?”.

I can honestly say that when I brought up the fact that at least one of these particular students needed PE because they were very ADDish and it helped them make it through the rest of the day by getting that energy out, she was very irritated with me.  She came across as angry and a bit confrontational about having to even address my concern.  I remember her talking about how hard it was to keep up with those kinds of details for so many students and that they had to be in tutoring if there was a chance for them to pass the TAKS test in the spring.  Scores were more important than checking to make sure that each student wasn’t being shortchanged on their legal rights to PE.  I would love to tell you that she kept those two students out of PE anyway, but she didn’t.  I know that at least one of them to best of my memory did eventually go back to PE and had their tutoring at a later time.  That begs the question though of how many students over the last few years didn’t get to go to PE?

Some of you are probably wondering why this matters.  One, it shows that keeping scores up and the administration happy was more important than the needs of the students.  It also shows that one of the leaders within this district was either choosing not to check to fully keep in compliance with the law, or that she was just not competent enough to have been in that role to begin with.  If something as simple as not scheduling kids to miss their PE was overlooked and ignored when it comes to laws the district is supposed to comply with, what other deviations from the law have they taken?  As long as they don’t get caught or no one ask questions what is there to keep them from continuing to subvert the rule of law for their own benefit?  Maybe this is why the administration and school board rally against anyone who asks questions or presses them for any real information at all.

I can personally attest to the fact that though within their legal abilities the district is currently making it difficult to obtain various pieces of information through the Open Records Requests I have begun.  I will admit that so far they have stayed within the lines of the law, but I will tell you that they are not helpful in obtaining information.  The semantics and word games you have to play to get the types of information you need I would guess toe the line of legality very closely.  For a public organization, I find it funny that they are very difficult to get transparency and records from.  I am also finding it very interesting that there seems to be a lot of paperwork that should be on file that doesn’t exist (or maybe I just didn’t hold my nose just right and call the report or the list the correct title to make them call “uncle” and hand it over).  If they have nothing to hide why be so secretive and not more workable with requests.  Again I am not accusing them of breaking the law and not providing required paperwork by playing games (yet), but I will admit to you that they are not making it an easy process either.

Am I that guy?

I’ve recently been through the worst period of time in my life.  I’ve always hoped that I was capable of greatness and this is the type of moment that great people experience.  The greatest among us have overcome great set backs and obstacles along their path to greatness.  The lowest points are the split in the road that directs them onto the right path and builds that ever elusive character they all have in common.  I want to think I am capable of being that guy.  The one who uses tragedy to fuel their rise to the top and be that gleaming example of courage and overcoming to others.  I just don’t really know if I am that guy.  Is a choice?  Do you get to choose to be that guy?  Or is it that you were always that guy and that character was already deep within you and tragedy cuts away the walls we build around ourselves until that character shines through?

Having a background in psychology and helping people I know that getting everything out that has happened to you can help a person move on.  I won’t lie, I am struggling with the bitterness left over from what happened with the school district I worked for.  It is one thing to know that eventually God will hold them accountable for what they have done, but so hard to sit back and see them still prosper while my family and I have suffered.  They should have to be ashamed of their actions instead of getting to continue their reign of terror that they inflict on everyone around them.  I think what they have done in its entirety should also be made public since they went to great lengths to bully and intimidate me and my family through the process.  Once I gather my thoughts I will write down what happened and chronicle the depths of their illicit behavior.  One reason is because until I truly get my opinion out on what has happened and explain what forced me into my resignation I don’t know if I will ever really move on.  Secondly I do want people to know what transpired against me because these people should not be able to get away with their misdeeds without having to face the truth of what they have done.

They hide their lies and actions in the dark and fear the truth because once light is shown on their deeds people will see them for the selfish, power abusing, liars they are.  I know the words are harsh but that is my raw emotions and opinions after pouring my heart into a job and having it ripped away from me solely because I stood up against the administration and pointed out that “the Emperor/Empress had no clothes.”  They have taken my job, tried to ruin my reputation, and hurt my family in unimaginable ways.  There is nothing more they can do except be forced to face the truths of their actions and what their selfish misuse of power has done.  Do I expect them to feel guilty?  Of course not.  People who are capable of doing what these people did do not feel remorse for their actions.  They justify what they do.  As long as they get what they want, then anything they do is acceptable.  A friend of mine was concerned when I shared that I thought about putting down what has happened to me for others to read.  He worried the district and administrators would sue.  I have to admit that I laughed a little at that.  What will they get out of me?  I have no job, no home, no money, nothing.  They left me with nothing after their actions.  Plus pointing out that people have done unethical things and calling them out for being the types of human beings they are isn’t slanderous.  It is both a combination of my opinion of them and the facts based on their behaviors.  I find it funny that people who attack and destroy others have such thin skins.  If you are going to try and ruin someones life at least have thick enough skin to take the judgement and ridicule for being the bad person you are!  But I digress.  I figure the next few days I will chronicle the events that have happened so that the public can see just who is running the school district and see the truth behind the inaction of a school board whose purpose it is to hold the administration accountable for their actions.  This whole incident was a mixture of many failures.  First the original lie from Viola McLaughlin was an act of sheer jealousy about an outside incident with friends of mine.  Second was the selfish, political, kingdom building, and the hate for anyone to stand up for what is right when it goes against them that the administration displayed.  The final act was the complete and utter abdication of leadership perpetrated by the inaction of an unethical school board.

As this round of school board elections begins the public should see these so called “Christian men and women” not on how they claim to be but based on who they are as seen through their actions.  They pat themselves on the back for raises given to the teachers but aren’t made to face the culture of fear, retaliation, and uncertainty their rubber stamp of the administration’s actions has caused.  They aren’t called out on their lack of oversight and the accountability they are supposed to hold the administration to.  All parties involved should have to face the light of truth for this incident.  Some may accuse me of being bitter and jaded over the incident and I will admit that I am pissed at what happened to me and that I was unable to see justice done.  But I will also say that just because it paints them in a negative light doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  People who have done evil deeds for evil selfish reasons can try to blame others for how they look in the retelling of the situation, but they only have themselves to blame.  And unfortunately there is a lot of ugly to go around with these people based on the darkness in their souls and the blood on their hands from this incident and others that they have done in the past to others as well.

All that to say in the next few days I will put out there exactly the truth that needs to be known.  So am I that guy who rises above?  I don’t know, but I do know that I have spent my life doing everything I can to stand up for the faith and ideals instilled in my by my parents and I believe exposing this incident and standing up for what happened is the right thing to do.  So even if I am not that guy, I am not going to change who I am because these people have tried to ruin me.  If evil people hate me for the man I am and the standing up for the things I have spoken out for, then I am on the right track.  They wouldn’t hate and try to destroy unless my example and character was in stark contrast to the selfish evils they spread daily.