I realize that it has been a while since my last post, but I have been a tad bit busy. I would like to give a shout out to all the administration and school board members in Kennedale who have been routinely checking in on my personal blog. I would like to think that their checking my blog was out of their concern for my well being after the public abuse they have put me through, but we all know exactly why they are checking in. They are afraid that I will draw attention and start pointing out some of the specific things they have done that they don’t want to be made public.

You see they have many embarrassing, questionable, and unethical incidents, decisions, and actions that they don’t want others to know about. You see they threw me out of my classroom based on lies and retaliation for speaking up and not supporting some of their more questionable actions. I never hid my dissatisfaction for their abuse of power and personal kingdom building at the expense of the students. But the people running the Kennedale ISD have a lot of skeletons in their closets they don’t want to see the light of day. They have caused a smear on my reputation by what they have done to me and how they have done it.

I have been denied my due process and that is a constitutional right in this country. They have not and will not close the investigation that started with a lie because that will allow them to keep me on leave until my contract runs out. If they made a decision there would be one of two actions take place. They would have to either admit they were wrong this whole time for what they have done or they would have to accuse me of something and give me the actual legal ability to defend myself and begin a legal process against them and their actions.

As I have already noted, they have already been advised they have no grounds for firing me based on their own investigation, but they won’t do the right thing and vindicate me. At this point I wouldn’t want to return to a classroom that was under the authority of these extremely unethical leaders, what I do want is them to publicly acknowledge what the truth of the matter is. They need to close their case and admit there was no basis and no wrong doing for the lie of accusations that Viola McLaughlin created in November. They need to publicly apologize for what they have done to me and how they have handled this situation. This needs to be done publicly because their failure to do the right thing has left the impression that I did something wrong. Everyone who knows the real situation knows the truth but there are others in the community who won’t have the benefit of that knowledge and it leaves them to either fill in the ideas for themselves or listen to what others have created. Had they handled this correctly from the start this wouldn’t happen. I deserve vindication and I expect this to be done. Whether by further lies and twists of the truth from Viola to paint herself in a better light, from the whispers under the table of administrators or school board members, or just the sheer need to create negative rumors to have gossip to talk about from random parents in the district the idea that there is something more than the truth that I and my family have repeatedly put out there seems to be spreading throughout the community.

Since it is a result of what they have done and how they have done it leaving me and my family with no legal or procedural process to fight them to prove the truth, my family and I deserve them to publicly announce that there was nothing to the allegations made and we deserve the apology for what they have done and how they have handled it. I know I have already stated that but it needs to be repeated and screamed from the rooftops because of the Hell these people have put my family and myself through since November. I will continue to fight in every way I can until this is done.

I love that I have heard several school board members mention to people in emails or other settings that there was little they could do about the situation. Funny how limited their scope and power seems to be in helping make the administration do the right thing for me, but how very powerful and quick they were able to handle the personnel situation when one of their own’s daughter didn’t make the cheerleading squad this year. They didn’t seem to have limited scope and power when dealing with that. I love that one specific board member ran initially to stop the administration from forcing Mr. Delaney out of his position in a similar way and yet did nothing to stop them from doing the exact same thing to me.

The community of Kennedale needs to be aware of the fact that when it comes to the true governance of the school district, this board is asleep at the wheel. They have taken their hands off of keeping the administration in check. They have written a blank check and handed it to the people in the admin building. The school board touts giving good pay to its teachers but does nothing to address the hostile work environment within the school. They are rife with intimidation, retaliation, and fear. The work environment is filled with the fear that if you disagree with or upset Karen Furman, Rick Edwards, or Gary Dugger even in a small way there will be retaliation. Look at me for your most glaring proof of what they will do when you don’t just walk in step no matter how wrong what they want is for the district or the students. Don’t have an opinion on anything. Don’t provide an alternate view. This is Nazi Germany where life is only what they say it is even if this has proven to cause stagnation in any organization. What ever you do, don’t point out that the Emperor and/or Empress has no clothes. Where is the protection for the staff and students against such abuse?

This brings me to the point of today’s blog. I will repeat what it is that I want. I want my vindication with the accusations made that the district still hasn’t given me due process on so that I can either go away with knowing I was rightfully found innocent of the accusations or the ability to fight legally against what they have done and the lies made against me. Until the district and school board do this and apologize for what has happened I will continue to speak out against them and their unethical actions. I also welcome any threats or attempts at shutting me up by suing for slander or other legal threats, because I will not put anything out there I don’t have knowledge of to begin with and secondly I would love the ability through the legal process to subpena, depose, and use discovery to open up all the secrets and skeletons within this district that they do not want made public. It is easy to lie and cover up things until you add the possibility perjury and jail time. How long would they cover for one another then?

In the future i feel it is important to make the public aware of their behaviors by raising many questionable issues, raising questions about things that the school board should have been the ones to point out or grill the administration about, and show where there had been unethical behavior with this administration and school board. My contract ends for this school year at the end of May and the moment I no longer have any financial or employment ties to these people I will begin raising the issues they would rather stay hidden. They have marred my reputation within the community and taken my job. I feel an obligation to return the favor. The only difference is I didn’t do anything and have nothing to hide, but they have many things to hide and have done many inappropriate things. Their denial of allowing due process and the ability to truly defend myself has provoked this situation.

Would like to end by thanking all of the friends, family, community members and KISD for contacting me with support and encouragement. I encourage anyone within the KISD who would like to share their stories and evidence of unethical, inappropriate, and questionable actions to contact me and share their information. Unlike the school board I will use the information to protect you and hold the district accountable. I appreciate those who have already done this and encourage others to do so, but do it from your home email accounts and provide details and evidence of what your claims are. Your identity will be protected. You can get me the information at: Kennedalecorruption@yahoo.com

If you are someone who wants to know the full details of what has happened to me at the hands of the district and what they have put myself and my family through or if you have heard details from someone and they have painted me in some negative light please contact me and I will discuss the whole situation with you personally. I would also like for anyone who has been told any negative information about myself or my family from district administrators, school board members, Viola McLaughlin and/or her daughters, Myra Rick, or any other district personnel because of this on going fight with the district to contact me at this email address: bryan_kuykendall@yahoo.com

I am saddened that it has come to this. If the district had done the right thing from the start my family and I wouldn’t be in this place. They could end things now and have me move on quietly if they would choose to do the right thing and exonerate me and apologize publicly for the community to see the truth. Lets hope their egos won’t get in the way of doing what is right. I am very sure admitting the truth is a lot less embarrassing for the district than some of the questions that will arise from incidents I have discovered. And raising those questions is only Phase 1 of shining the light into the darkness of KISD.